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A Conversation With SITECRAFT

Featuring Wigens Lindor, Director of Operations

Are there any trends you are seeing in what Landscape Architects are asking for from benches and other site furnishings?

At Sitecraft, we pride ourselves in being at the cutting edge of trends in outdoor furniture - how their form, function and installation can combine to create healthy spaces for a healthy lifestyle.

Today, more and more of us are choosing to be outside. With the advent of open streets, there is an increased need for tables, chairs and benches that are flexible enough to be used alone or in clusters to create a variety of seating arrangements for diners and "outside" offices alike. Plus, they have to hold up to the weather and be easily cleaned.

How does Sitecraft provide for and advance those trends?

In the past year we have seen that adaptability is paramount.A To that end, our circular benchess allow designers to create innovative solutions to overcome challenging surroundings. Many schools and playgrounds favor our bench styles for their high-traffic, durable, slat size and added warmth of wood. While their contoured profiles add flair and style to any environment, these benches withstand rugged use.

We help our clients byA giving them the opportunity to build and execute any shape that other manufacturers find challenging

How have the designs of your products (or a specific line of products) changed over the years?

SITECRAFT has certainly evolved our line of benches by adding new designs for today's trends. Each of our benches makes a statement, for example, one of our most popular bench lines is the Script series.

"Utilitarian Art" is the best way to describe this series. Its expressive, fluid design mimics the natural flow of the great outdoors. The free-form lines in thick and thin weights suggest a calligraphic testament to good taste.

At SITECRAFT, we are always testing new products. And, today, with the challenges of climate change, we keep the environment top of mind. Our "Greenwood" recycled plastic is reclaimed material that is maintenance free and can stand up to corrosive substances such as oil and fuels, insects, fungi, salt spray and other environmental stresses. Whatever our client chooses we work with them to maximize all their options for each site.

What new advancements are you planning?

Our premade modular pieces have given our clients more creativity and flexibility. Modularity has allowed for more complex designs to be achieved and easily built away from the job site. It has also made shipping long distances less of a challenge.

Do you offer solutions that make the end product more economical for the client?

With proper care our products will last for many years and retain their natural beauty.

A wood such as IPE, which is strong and stable, can have a functional life as long as 40 years if left untreated. It resists movement, surface checks, warping, cracking, decomposition, and denting.

Other woods in our inventory such as Mahogany, Red and Yellow Cedar, Purple Heart, Redwood and Red Oak are known for their durability and weather resistance. They have been used in fine furniture making for years. Reclaimed wood and our "Greenwood" recycled plastic are also in the mix. With proper care our products will last for many years and maintain their natural beauty.

All our wood stains and finishings are environmentally friendly and are easy to apply.

What makes Sitecraft the top choice for Landscape Architects?

SITECRAFTA evolved from the Rosenwach Tank company because of the amount of premium wood the company had in its inventory from making wooden tanks. Today, for finely designed outdoor furniture, SITECRAFT has been the architect's choice for four generations. Along the way, we have distinguished ourselves as craftsmen who have mastered creating curves out of solid wood. SITECRAFT built on this mastery to include custom designs in wood, metal and recycled plastic, resulting in an unmatched repertoire that not only complements, but defines each site.A Premium materials, handcrafted attention to detail found only in the finest bench made furniture, and enduring quality are the signature of SITECRAFT.A

We offered great design assistance from preliminary design, assisting with construction documents and making sure we stay within their budget.


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