05-10-23 | Association News

$3.8 Billion Budget Proposed for National Park Service

Budget Would Apply to the 2024 Fiscal Year
by Staff

The proposed budget would increase construction spending in National Parks by $46.8 million to $286.6 million. This area of the budget incorporates construction projects, planning, and special projects.

The Biden-Harris administration has requested a $3.8 billion budget for the National Park Service (NPS) for the Fiscal Year 2024, which emphasizes tackling the climate crisis, conserving natural resources, racial equity, and support for underserved communities. Chuck Sams, NPS Director, expressed his approval of the budget request, stating that it ensures Americans could access, enjoy, and learn from national parks, and strengthening the NPS's commitment to the public.

Sams explained, "The President's request proposes investments essential for the NPS's continued success in its second century, while remaining committed to the daily mission of ensuring that all Americans can access, enjoy, and learn in every national park. This budget supports and strengthens our commitment to the public, from supporting new parks to connecting with communities and Tribes to improving in park and digital experiences for visitors."

The budget is divided into sections that focus on improving conservation, addressing racial justice and equity, and addressing park capacity and administrative priorities. The conservation funding will be used to increase operational budgets to support science and natural resource management activities, expand youth corps programs that create jobs for young people, and invest in charging equipment and infrastructure for zero-emission vehicles. The racial justice and equity investment will ensure that parks recently added to the National Park System receive initial funding, improve service to Tribal Nations and Indigenous people, and fund initiatives that preserve the stories of cultures and history across America. The park capacity and administrative priorities section aims to support basic operational capacity needs and address staffing needs for new responsibilities. It also provides modest funding increases for law enforcement and investigative services and essential modernization of information technology systems and visitor services on digital platforms.

Go to the below link to find a specific breakdown of the amount and direction of the funding:


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