PERC...Pressured Exhaust Rodent Control We now manufacture FOUR models of PERC. The new PERC 620 has a 20hp Twin-V electric start Kohler motor, a V4 70cfm Champion Compressor, and is standard with tandem walking beam axles, 6 reels and hoses. The PERC 412 is a four-hose trailer mounted unit with a 14hp Kohler electric start gas motor and a 33cfm Champion compressor. The PERC 206 is a two-hose skid mounted unit with a 7hp gas motor and a 15cfm compressor. The PERC 206T, which is a PERC 206 mounted on a turf-tired trailer. The walking beam tandem axle accessory kit will fit any of the above-trailered PERC units and is available separately to retrofit your existing PERC machine.

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