DeepStream Commercial Mariner Wood Planters are a 3-part engineered planter system meet the demanding requirements of Landscape Architects, Restaurant, Hotels, Governments, Healthcare, Governments, Transportation Hubs, Airports, Healthcare and urban dwellers. Anodized aluminum legs, rugged waterproof food safe 100% recycled plastic liner with advanced drainage, resting on a aircraft aluminum frame, isolated by replaceable plastic feet, with choice of panel material including maintenance free recycled plastic lumber. No paint or powder coating to fail. Lifetime Structural Warranty. Mariner Planters are based on our commitment to the principles of Sustainable Design our liner-inside-a-planter-box design and unique proprietary trademark marine anodized aluminum planter leg extrusion, no paint or powder coating to fail, which channels the tremendous expansionary forces generated by wet wood, ensuring their durability for generations to come

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