The Vertical Wall Mount VTR2 Series provides commercial-grade, tapered shaft revolving solid aluminum Wall Mount designs in 4" to 6" butt diameters in standard heights of 15' to 35'. Flagpole heights listed are maximum heights for each shaft listed.




Patented, Heavy-Duty Gold Anodized Aluminum Ball

Cast Aluminum Single Revolving (4", 5", and 6" Butt Dia.) Truck Assembly with Aluminum Pulley.

Complete External Halyard Assembly

Rope Halyard - 5/16" #10 Polyester

Two (2) Solid Brass Swivel Snap Hooks

Two (2) Neoprene Snap Hook Covers

9" Cast Aluminum Cleat

Anchorage by Others

Global Flags Unlimited. dba The Flag Company

Vertical Wall Mount VTR2 Series

3600 Cantrell Industrial Court
Acworth, GA  30101

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