03-16-20 | News

We're All in this Together

"The Only Thing We have to Fear Is..."

Not legal in every state 😉
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I know this graphic is a bit risqué, but with all the events, travel, schools, restaurants and bars closing and with St Patty's Day this week, we thought a little levity is appropriate if not needed across the country. We all need to reflect a bit on the crisis and look hard at the actual facts.

So far, according to the NY Times 3/16/20 we have 4,200 people out of 330,000,000 with the virus and 73 deaths. All deaths are tragic. We sincerely hope that none of you have been directly infected or know of someone who has passed away from this virus. Let's hope these low numbers stay low. We can all do our part.


Take the precautions recommended, stay away from assisted-living facilities and be smart . . . JUST DON'T . . . Please Don't Panic!

Let's pray this is just an exercise showing us our weaknesses and better preparing us for unforeseen future events.

God Bless Us All!

- George Schmok, Publisher


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