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Webinar March 16th at 11am with Doug Callison, Rain Bird

Utilizing Sensors to Reduce Irrigation Water Usage
by Staff

Register today for the upcoming webinar with Doug Callison. Callison will discuss how to use rain and soil moisture sensors to prevent irrigation when not needed, how to use wind and freeze sensors, and how to use Smart Controllers.

Webinar Description:
Irrigation controllers are great for watering landscapes but are often neglected and not adjusted when the plant water requirement changes or watering is not required. When rain satisfies the plant water requirement, irrigation watering is not needed. Irrigation systems should not be operated in high wind or freezing conditions. Sensors can be added to the irrigation controller to prevent watering during these conditions, saving water.

Learning Objectives:
1. Learn how to use rain and soil moisture sensors to prevent irrigation when not needed.
2. Learn how to use wind and freeze sensors to limit liability
3. Learn how to use Smart Controllers to automatically adjust irrigation based on weather conditions.

Doug Callison
Doug is the Senior Product Sales Manager for Water Conservation for Rain Bird for the Southern California and Hawaii Regions. He has been with Rain Bird since 1991 and in the irrigation industry for 45 years. Doug is a Irrigation Association Certified Irrigation Designer and Irrigation Water Auditor. Doug holds 10 patents for irrigation control systems.
CEUs/PDHs Credits: APLD 1, PGMS 1, QWEL 1

March 16th at 11am PST


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