06-10-22 | News

US Department of Agriculture Announces $503 Million Investment

USDA reveals large investment in Outdoor Recreation and National Forest Conservation
by Staff

The Great American Outdoors Act is divided into two funds: The Legacy Restoration Fund and The Land and Water Conservation Fund.

The Deputy Agriculture Secretary, Dr. Jewel Bronaugh, recently announced that the USDA will invest over 500 million dollars into maintenance, infrastructure, and increasing access to national parks. This is all through the Great American Outdoors Act which would help support rural economies while also allowing for more conservation across the United States. The Act, which is made up of two separate funds, focuses on both a collection of deferred maintenance on federally managed public lands that takes up $285 million, as well as spending $218 million focusing on permanent funding that should allow the Forest Service to increase their conservation efforts both locally and federally. Dr. Bronaugh said, "Even beyond improved access, facilities and infrastructure, these investments create economic opportunity and good jobs where projects like this have the most impact."



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