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Upcoming Thursday September 15th Webinar Gillian Martin

Reducing Impact to Nesting Birds During Landscape Care
by Staff

Register today for co-founder of Tree Care for Birds, Gillian Martin's upcoming Thursday webinar to learn how to handle nesting birds while going through regular landcare.

Gillian Martin
Gillian Martin is a passionate and engaging voice for birds, and more recently for trees. She is a co-leader of the Tree Care for Birds and other Wildlife Program of the Western Chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture and is a recipient of the R.H. Harris Award for Excellence in Education. For the past two decades she has studied bird biology and the diverse factors that impact wildlife. Her articles have been published in several journals and newsletters including Arborist News, the Western Arborist, the Society of Commercial Arboriculture Today, and Tree Care Industry Magazine.
Reducing Impact to Nesting Birds During Landscape Care

Webinar Description:
Arborists and landscape maintenance workers have a unique connection with nature and wildlife in the urban forest. The Tree Care for Birds and other Wildlife program of Western Chapter International Society of Arboriculture offers best practices to act responsibly around wildlife and to navigate wildlife protection laws. This workshop describes the importance of this guidance, how it was developed and its essential points. Attendees will learn how to obtain more information or additional training.

Learning Objectives:
1. Knowledge of Federal and State wildlife protection laws and regulations.
2. Can identify when and where breeding breeds are most likely to be encountered.
3. Understands strategies for reducing impact on nesting birds and what to do in a bird emergency.
Live Stream on: September 15, 2022, at 11AM PDT

CEU credits: LACES 1, ISA 1, PGMS 1, NALP 1


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