10-29-20 | News

Trump Administration Adds 1,200 Miles of National Recreation Trails

30 Trails Designated in 25 States

Within the United States there are 83,00 miles of trails which make up the National Trails System.

On October 22, US Secretary of the Interior, David L Berhardt, announced that the Trump Administration expanded the National Trails System by adding 30 national recreation trails in 25 different states resulting in over 1,200 miles. In 2018, the White House had designated 49 trails and 370 miles resulting in over 1,600 accumulative miles throughout Trump's presidency.

In Secretary Berhardt's announcement, he expressed that he is encouraged by the expansion in trails as it increases Americans' availability to enjoy outdoor settings on public lands. Berhardt provided insight into the magnitude of the National Trails System by illuminating the fact that the trails system spans 83,000 miles, longer than the interstate highway system. Berhardt said, "The Trump Administration is committed to expanding public access to the outdoors, so more Americans have the opportunity and ability to experience it in all of its splendor."

The National Trails System Act of 1968 promotes greater public accessibility of trails in urban and rural settings. Stewart Udall, the United States Secretary of the Interior at the time, advocated for the system in saying, "A national trail is a gateway into nature's secret beauties, a portal to the past, a way into solitude and community. It is also an inroad to our national character. Our trails are both irresistible and indispensable.

Read the United States Department of the Interior's press release here:

The following trails were designated as National Recreation Trails:

Mohave Water Trail - Arizona and Nevada

Doug Ghee Accessible Trail (Bald Rock Boardwalk) - Alabama

Amboy Crater Trail - California

Scenic Loop Trail System at Staunton State Park - Colorado

Suwanee River Wilderness Trail - Florida and Georgia

Des Plaines River Trail in Lake County - Illinois


Panhandle Pathway - Indiana

Flint Hills State Park Trail - Kansas

Migrants Mile Trails - Kansas

Outlet Campground Trail System - Kansas

Prairie Spirit Rail-Trail - Kansas

Manhan Rail-Trail - Massachusetts

Flint River Water Trail - Michigan

Shiawassee River Trail - Michigan

St. Louis River Estuary Water Trail - Minnesota and Wisconsin

Spyglass Hill Trail - Mississippi

Musconetcong Watershed National Water Trail - New Jersey

North Carolina Smoky Mountain Blueways - North Carolina

The Great Guernsey Trail - Ohio

Ray Harral Nature Park Trail System - Oklahoma

Tualatin River Water Trail - Oregon

Window Cliffs Trail - Tennessee

Knobby Knees Trail - Texas

Trinity River Paddling Trail - Texas

Grandstaff Canyon - Utah

Moab Brands (Bar M) - Utah

Lewis and Clark Discovery Trail - Washington

Ohio River Water Trail in Parkersburg - West Virginia

Heart of Vilas County Paved Bike Trail System - Wisconsin

Chippewa River Trail - Wisconsin


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