06-09-21 | News

Secretary Haaland Adds Ten New National Recreation Trails

Added to the Trail System includes 160 Miles Across Eight States

In honor of National Trails Day on June 5, the Secretary of the Interior announced the expansion of the National Trails System by adding 160 miles that will span eight states.

Secretary of the Interior, Deb Haaland, announced recently in celebration of National Trails Day on June 5 the opening of 10 new national recreation trails that will span eight states and add over 160 miles to the National Trails System.

The National Trails System is a network of over 1,300 trails that span across the country and includes scenic and historical recreation trails that offer the space to participate in activities such as hiking, skiing, motorcycling, ATVs, horseback riding, and four-wheeling to name a few.

"Trails connect neighborhoods, literally and figuratively," National Park Service Deputy Director, Shawn Benge, remarked "These newly designated national recreation trails recognize the incredible efforts of local trail stewards and enthusiasts to provide the public with close to home outdoor access for strolling, pedaling or paddling."

Each segment of new trails will receive a certificate of designation and a letter of recognition in addition to trail markers.


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