09-11-20 | Association News

reVISION ASLA 2020: A Reimagined Virtual Experience Announced

Events to be Held November 16 - 18

ASLA commented on the new conference format in saying, "When a landscape architect faces a change in conditions for their project, they have to revise the plans - just as we've had to do with the conference when faced with the COVID-19 crisis."

The American Society of Landscape Architects had been planning to hold their 2020 annual conference in Miami, Florida, during October. However, due to the potential risk factors of holding the large-scale event during the pandemic, the association decided to cancel that event and look for alternatives to the in-person gathering. Earlier this month, ASLA officially scheduled reVISION ASLA 2020, the replacement conference, to be held virtually on November 16 -18.


reVISION is said to be "a reimagined virtual experience where members, exhibitors, industry leaders, and of course, members of the press can experience landscape architecture at its finest." The virtual experience will include a discussion with the new ASLA CEO and conversations around climate change and racial justice within the profession. Additionally, the conference is said to offer up to 25 hours of professional development, learning environments to increase email efficiency, the ability to learn from corporate partners, and networking opportunities.

Registration has not opened at this time. Updates will be posted as they are announced.

To learn more about reVISION click here:


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