05-11-20 | News

Pools are Looking Safe for the Summer

CDC Says Proper Pool Maintenance Inactivates Coronavirus in Water

A healthy pool can help prevent the spread of disease through the use and monitoring of appropriate chemical levels.

It is easy to imagine the cool and refreshing sensation of jumping into a pool on a hot day. As summer is quickly approaching, the desire to cool off in a swimming pool can endlessly grow each day. However, it is easy to be full of concerns over the health factors associated with pool activities, especially in community areas. While it may be difficult to free one's thoughts of the potential of infecting or being infected in an area used by many different people, reports have come along that should provide a sense of peace of mind.


Among the constant stream of new information regarding COVID-19, the CDC had reported that there is no evidence indicating that the virus can spread between individuals through water found in pools, spas, hot tubs, and other water play areas. Furthermore, they went on to recommend the proper operation and maintenance of water facilities, including disinfection with chlorine and bromine, as a measure that should inactivate the virus while in the water.

Chlorine is one of the vital tools that pool owners can use to prevent viral spread in water effectively. When added to water, the chlorine will kill germs. However, the process is not instantaneous, as it may take a few minutes to be effective. The CDC suggests pH levels between 7.2 and 7.8 and a free chlorine concentration of at least one ppm in pools and at least three ppm in hot tubs and spas.

Help create a healthy and clean environment that prioritizes the safety of individuals from threats seen and unseen while fully promoting fun.


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