03-08-23 | Association News

NRPA Reassured Funding for Parks by House Republicans

Association States Park Departments Underfunded
by Staff

According to the NRPA, among the many health and social benefits of parks, they also offer economic benefits that include lower infrastructure, healthcare, safety, and social service costs.

The National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) expressed relief that new rules issued by House Republicans on community project funding do not put restrictions on park and recreation earmark projects. These projects include funding for playgrounds, community and recreation centers, and development projects. They provide opportunities for outdoor activity, alleviate mental stress, and offer numerous environmental benefits while providing savings to taxpayers by lowering infrastructure, healthcare, safety, and social service costs.


Kristine Stratton, president and CEO of NRPA, stated, "Allocating funds to roads and bridges, while restricting investments in the essential infrastructure of local parks and community centers, would be a mistake. This decision is a victory for NRPA's members and advocates who spoke out against these potential changes. It shows the power of our collective action as a movement."

Despite their widespread benefits, the NRPA states that park and recreation departments are chronically underfunded, and many systems have significant capital improvement project backlogs. During the COVID-19 pandemic, parks became vital open spaces for communities, as people looked for safe places to physically distance. And even though pandemic precautions have eased, parks continue to see increased usage and participation.


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