06-21-22 | News

Netherlands' Floriade Expo

Horticulture expo in the Netherlands demonstrates urban horticulture
by Staff

This expo only comes around once every ten years, but its open until October.

From April 14 to October 9, the Netherlands' Floriade Expo 2022 will be providing a range of plant related attractions and activities for guests to experience. The world's fair of horticulture, Floriade only takes place once every decade, yet is still slated to attract crowds of 2 million this year. The theme is "Growing Green Cities", which focuses on creating green and healthy cities with sustainable food and energy. "This Floriade is so much more than the spectacular horticulture we've become known for," explained Evelyn Rietveld, PR manager for Floriade. "While you can still enjoy the splendor of Dutch flowers and an incredibly diverse collection of plants, there's also ample opportunity to taste, explore, learn, and be inspired." The city that Floriade is being held in is itself an example of sustainable practice, as it built on land that was reclaimed from the ocean.



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