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National Concrete Masonry Association

2020 National Association Report
by Gabriela Mariscal, NCMA

On February 21 at ICON-Xchange, NCMA's 2020 Annual Convention, attendees consisting of a diverse range of industry professionals participated in a virtual plant tour.
At the NCMA Convention meeting, Tom Finch the vice president of California-based RCP Block & Brick Inc. became the chair of the board of directors.
Chair of the board - Thomas Finch

Founded in 1918, the association unites, supports, and represents the producers and suppliers of concrete masonry systems - including concrete masonry, manufactured stone veneer, segmental retaining walls, and other hardscape systems. From small family-owned businesses to large corporations, our membership reflects the full spectrum of companies that provide the foundation for resilient building construction. NCMA promotes resilient, sustainable, and beautiful building solutions through the use of concrete masonry systems.


In 2020, NCMA hosted the 2020 ICON-Xchange & NCMA Annual Convention which took place February 21-25, 2020 with more than 500 individuals from the manufactured concrete masonry and hardscape industry in Salt Lake City. The first virtual NCMA Midyear meeting ran between August 4-6 with 380 attendees and over 1,800 online experiences. The show and meetings served to connect the industry and decide the direction of the association's projects.

During the year, NCMA offered education for architects, designers, segmental retaining wall (SRW) installers, and sales professionals in person, and later in the year, online training for over 3,500 people; created three-year strategic plans for the segmental retaining wall (SRW) market segment (and other markets); and converted in-person education to an online platform. NCMA also has a very strong SRW program and certification for installers that train them locally on the basics of the materials, system, installation, soils and compaction. The course started being offered in 2003 and has now trained over 17,000 people in person. The Association also launched this training online in May to offer it everywhere during the pandemic. NCMA is currently working on a new Design Manual for Segmental Retaining Walls and a new SRWall (SRW Design Software).

As seen in LASN magazine, December 2020.

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