07-20-22 | Association News

NALP Organizes Volunteer Landscaping Event in D.C.

Landscape Professionals from All Over the Country Came to Spruce Up Our Nation's Capital
by Staff

Arlington National Cemetery and the National Mall were both improved as a part of this Renewal and Remembrance project.

The 26th annual Renewal and Remembrance event took place on July 18. The event, hosted by the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP), consisted of about 500 landscape industry professionals come together to improve landscaping around Washington D.C. This year, the event improved the landscape of the Lincoln Memorial and at Arlington National Cemetery.


The volunteers at the Lincoln Memorial applied around 130,000 pounds of mulch, created beds around existing plants, and hosted part of the Children's Program. The children were educated about the National Mall and its monuments. At Arlington National Cemetery volunteers enhanced turf, repaired existing irrigation systems at the Columbarium, and added lightning protection for six historic trees. The children at this part of the project helped plant annuals at the Kearny monument.

The NALP president, Bob Grover, was very positive about the event and expressed how meaningful the volunteer event is, "The highlight of my presidency is to be able to give that speech in this venue during this event. To come here and see all those who have sacrificed for us and for our freedom, to gain our freedom and to keep us free for 250 years is very, very impactful." Many of the attendees also expressed how nice it was to give back to our nation.


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