04-06-20 | Association News

NAHB Survey on Industry COVID Effects

Week 2 Results

This week's survey results, based on hundreds of responses, showed eight business aspects affected by the Coronavirus.

In the second weekly survey conducted by the National Association of Home Builders on how the health crisis is affecting the residential construction industry, majority of participants were business owners, presidents or CEOs with the top ranked adverse effect being traffic of prospective buyers. This percentage is up from NAHB's week 1 survey where it also was the most prevalent concern.

Rated next in order was:
  Homeowners' concerns about interacting with remodeling crews

  Rate at which inquiries for remodeling work are coming in
  Cancellations or delays of existing remodeling projects

The following showed an increase from last week's survey:
  How long it takes to obtain a plan review for a typical single-family home
  How long it takes the local building department to respond to a request for an inspection
  Supply of building products and materials
  Willingness of workers and subs to report to a construction site

National Association of Home Builders Survey Week 1

National Association of Homebuilders Survey Week 2

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