07-25-22 | News

NAHB Reports OSHA Focus on Trench Inspections

Following Rise in Trench Deaths, OSHA to Inspect More Than 1,000 Trenches
by Staff

Following last year which only saw 15 workers deaths in accidents related to trenching, this year has already seen 22 deaths.

According to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), OSHA has stated that they will investigate the increase in trenching accidental deaths that has been seen so far this year. OSHA was clear that they will "consider every available tool at the agency's disposal" to slow the spike in trenching and excavation related accidental deaths. These tools will include criminal referral for holding employers or people involved accountable when it is found that their decisions led to killing workers or putting life in danger.


OSHA noted as a part of its announcement that they plan to perform over 1,000 trenches around the country that would include stopping by and taking note of daily construction duties. OSHA recommends use of their "Slope it. Shore it. Shield it." Ideology to prevent cave-ins while excavating. The NAHB also offers a range of resources to prevent unnecessary accidents while working with trenches.


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