10-18-22 | News

NAHB Chairman Reacts to Biden Inflation Statement

Jerry Konter, NAHB Chairman, Slams Biden Inflation Speech
by Staff

Jerry Konter is not only Chairman of the NAHB, but also a home builder and developer from Georgia.

On October 13th, President Joe Biden put out a statement on the September Consumer Price Index Report and general inflation. He specifically points to his Inflation Reduction Act as a main cause in lowering inflation from 11% percent last quarter to 2% this quarter. The main part of the Inflation Reduction Act that Biden points to is the impact on healthcare and a reduction in energy costs.


Jerry Konter, NAHB Chairman and home builder in Georgia, slammed Biden's statement on inflation based on the fact that he did not address the difficult housing market. Konter recommends easing building material production bottlenecks, reducing regulations, and suspending Canadian lumber tariffs to address the issue.

Konter explained his reasoning, "Acknowledging and getting serious about tackling the nation's housing affordability crisis will go a long way to reining in stubbornly high inflation and reduce the economic pain of millions of American families."


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