05-09-20 | Association News

More Resources from the NLC

Webinar and Infographic

Prepare city leaders for shocks and stresses, and advocating for more federal assistance at the local level are the aim of two new resources put out by the National League of Cities.

The National League of Cities has announced another webinar to help municipal leaders deal with these stressful times. Titled, Doubling Down on an Equitable and Resilient Recovery, it will be held Tuesday, May 12 at 2:00PM ET.

"Now more than ever, cities using a resilience lens to address economic, social, and environmental challenges can better protect their residents, infrastructure, and natural systems," read a statement from the NLC. "Join us for a discussion with two or three experts who work closely with communities and their leaders to prepare for shocks, stresses, and 'precovery'."

The infographic put out by the NLC explains the importance of cities, in particular how much local governments have been supporting residents during the health crisis and need more support from the federal government.

Data reported on the infographic is based off review of census and municipal salary data, and secondary research from the National League of Cities that extrapolated public statements, records and news articles on municipal layoffs and furloughs.

"For the sake of our nation's economy and quality of life, we need a federal partner to help communities rebuild and recover from the #COVID19 pandemic," concludes the NLC.

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