06-21-21 | News

Modular Hotel Construction Still Stalled Due to COVID

An Unassembled Hotel Set for Manhattan Sits at a New York Port

A modular hotel project in Manhattan has been on hold since the pandemic paused travel and in turn intimidated the hotel industry making funding difficult to come by for big projects like hotel development. The hotel would stand at 26-stories high and be the tallest modular hotel in the area but instead sits unconstructed at the New York Harbor.

A 26-story Manhattan hotel sits unassembled at the New York Harbor due to pandemic construction delays.

The $80 million project was expected to be finished by the end of 2020. However due to the pandemic, construction was halted and has instead pilled on lawsuits against 842 Enterprises Inc. for unpaid bills.

The 100,000 square-foot project has no date to resume construction and take the name of the tallest modular hotel in the world. This modular hotel is also set to be affiliated with Marriott.

"Marriott has been very aggressive in building modular hotels which are quicker to assemble and save substantial time and money in construction." George Saba, AVANA, a partner on the project and head of marketing added, they are quieter than many hotels because each unit has separate walls, ceilings, and floors. Each room will have 210-square-foot rooms with king beds and 230 to 280-square-foot with queen-sized beds.


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