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Firms of Florida - Coyle & Caron Landscape Architecture

Orlando, Florida

Bok Tower Gardens Hammock Hollow, Lake Wales, Florida
This series of projects opened in 2016 as the result of a four-year collaboration with Nelson Byrd Woltz and Lake Flato Architects. A new entry and arrival area, including a large pollinator garden, gathers visitors as they begin their journey. The project includes reconstruction of an existing wildlife pond and the addition of a constructed wetland and bog. Other work included ecological restoration, fully accessible walkways throughout the site, and path connections to existing conservation areas and the Pine Ridge Nature Trail. A 'limestone' ledge provides opportunities for climbing, with a 'river run' water play area nearby.
Nature's Neighborhoods, Boston, MA
This series of landscapes at Franklin Park Zoo (FPZ) combines nature-based play with habitats for animals including woodlands, grasslands, thicket, and wetlands. Each is designed to be fun, engage all senses and to open the doors for imaginative play while giving kids opportunities to observe and learn about the animals that share those habitats such as red pandas, muntjacs, prairie dogs, waterfowl, and native turtles. Nature's Neighborhoods replaces a traditional 'children's zoo' and creates a new type of experience.
Discovery Place Nature, Charlotte, NC
The goal of this renovation and new exhibitory project is to engage guests through the lens of science, nature, and art, achieving environmental awareness and increasing scientific literacy in the community. Coyle and Caron is leading the live animal habitat design team, and partnering with an exhibit design firm for the "Experience Package" portion of the project. We are designing exhibits that are not only ADA and Universal Design compliant, but that are inter-age appropriate and built to current LEED standards. The client's team includes professionals with decades of experience in operating and growing similar nature museums, and we are able to use their knowledge to design dynamic experiences that are on the forefront of current educational theory. Schematic design included preliminary meetings with permitting authorities and production of illustrative materials for presentation to county boards, neighborhood associations, and potential donors. We are currently designing small and large interior aquatic tanks (alligator, soft shell turtle, snapping turtle, hellbender, fish), and exhibits to include a variety of reptiles, invertebrates, and insects. Exterior habitat designs include North American River Otter, an apiary, and program animals. Our work will also include transitional interior and exterior areas, and back of house facility design including off-exhibit for otter, aquatic tanks, life support systems, and visible husbandry support areas.
Stormwater BMP
A comprehensive water quality study prepared by Norfolk Ram Group recommended retrofitting the storm water system in the neighborhoods surrounding Lily Pond, a major source of drinking water for the town of Cohasset. The primary mechanism for improving runoff in the watershed was the strategic placement, design, and implementation of 58 water gardens. Coyle & Caron LLC was hired to design appropriate prototypes working closely with several community garden clubs and neighborhood groups to develop plant lists and design plans for various environmental and aesthetic concerns. A demonstration garden at the Water Department functions to capture and clean runoff from the adjacent parking lot while "showcasing" the plant palette.

We are a creative group of landscape architects who enjoy collaborating with our clients and design professionals to evolve beautiful, ecologically responsive and inspired design interventions. Our work gives life to outdoor places large and small, public and private, including botanical gardens, parks, trails, zoos, aquariums, and commercial developments. Founded in 2000 by Sally Coyle, ASLA and Quentin Caron, our studio is based in Orlando. We are a woman-owned, small business with a staff of six.

Editor's Note: With the ASLA annual meeting and EXPO in Miami canceled this year due to safety concerns amid the COVID-19 health pandemic, LASN still wanted to highlight the landscape architectural work of firms from the southeast region. LASN asked the firms to send us a short biographical profile, plus photography from selected projects, with a brief description of the design work for each project. We let the firms speak for themselves in their profiles and in describing the projects, although some editing was required because of space restraints and not all photography and projects could be included. Thank you, firms of Florida and Alabama for participating!

As seen in LASN magazine, September 2020.


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