09-09-22 | News

California Proposes Law to Limit Parking Near Public Transit

This New Measure Would Prevent Cities from Requiring Parking Spots at New Developments Near Public Transit
by Staff

Those in favor of the bill see it as an opportunity to dedicate the space that would be used for parking towards housing and other development.

A new proposed law in California could prevent cities from mandating a certain amount of parking spots be added for developments near public transit stations. This bill would try to push for that land that would be used for parking to be used for other things like the development itself or housing.


According to Donald Shoup, a UCLA research professor of urban planning, the mandatory minimum of two parking spots in most Californian cities raises the cost of building and by extension the cost of the houses themselves. He also states that the planning of these developments with parking included almost guarantees that whoever lives there will own cars.

The issue lies more so with cars in general; things like smog, traffic congestion, and more expensive house prices, as Shoup explains his reasoning, "I just tried to show people the link between parking and what they really care about."


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