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Aqua Ultraviolet

Leading the Industry in Water UV Sterilization

For over 40 years, Aqua Ultraviolet has dominated the competition in water filtration and sterilization.

Manufacturing out of our Southern California Warehouse, our patented filters and one of a kind UV sterilizers are something to splash about and are used in various landscaping strategies. Not only are these great for aquariums, ponds and pools (the most popular of designs for residential areas), they are used to disinfect water that flows through water features of all sizes and recreational treatment for small and large water parks such as splash pads, wave pools
and much more!


What Does UV Actually Do?
UV units use enclosed lamps that emit strong rays (the same as the sun but hundreds of times stronger to a concentrated area) to destroy the DNA/RNA of single cell bacteria, viruses and other water related harmful substances in the water. This process disinfects your water and removes impurities that would otherwise lurk in your seemingly "clean, sparkling clear water".

Choosing the right size filter and sterilizer for your application is crucial to achieve proper cleanliness of the water in your feature. Get in touch with a sales representative to assist you!

Aqua Ultraviolet
42371 Avenida Alvarado
Temecula, CA 92590


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