02-03-23 | News

APA Discusses Covid-Era Streets

The APA Analyzes Perception of Covid-related Changing Streetscapes
by Staff

After surveying residents of New Jersey, the APA found that a majority enjoyed the effects COVID had on the streets.

The American Planning Association (APA) recently complied some statistics regarding the perception of people on COVID-19-era Streetscapes. Because of the pandemic, streetscape alterations like road closures, outdoor dining, and bike lanes became easier to facilitate. Things like obstinate neighbors and bureaucracy previously caused issues in incorporated street-level improvement. Published in in the Journal of the APA, "Public Views on the Reallocation of Street Space Due to COVID-19" offers " unprecedented opportunity to assess the popularity and effectiveness of a rapid and comparatively widespread implementation of street space reallocation."


In surveying residents of New Jersey, the results reflected that COVID-era streetscapes improvements were generally regarded as positive changes and could offer a chance for cities to rethink their streets spaces, specifically with how to allocate space. The study made note of the fact that other similar surveys took an uncritically positive stance to pandemic-era street restructuring, whereas in this study, the authors attempted to take an apolitical approach to representing how people think about the changes that have been made to streets in recent times.


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