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An Innovative & Efficient Way to Collect PSI for Drip Audits

March 31 at 11:00am - 12:00pm PDT
by Staff

Join the Landscape Expo Academy and Kris Loomis for a live webinar and earn CEUs/PDHs.

Webinar Information
Learn a fast, easy and efficient way to collect dynamic water pressure (psi) while troubleshooting or performing drip audits or assessments. Locating the root of the problem in a drip system can be a tricky situation, but if you are able to test psi, it can turn a chore into an easy task.

The Irrigation Association recommends collecting psi from three points within the drip system during a drip irrigation audit. The traditional way creates waste, is time-consuming and is not the most efficient method. With this DIY, easy-to-build drip psi testing tool, you can check your three psi areas within minutes and move on to the next zone without losing a drop of water.

Perhaps you are not performing a drip audit, but the system has issues that you need to figure out. With this tool, you place the rubber tip up against the orifice of the drip emitter or emitter tubing outlet, and you can move from emitter to emitter with great ease without wasting any water or poking a single hole. A psi reading is immediate and can help you quickly assess where issues are, without making a mess or wasting time.

If you are in California and performing a Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance (MWELO) audit, this method will save you time and get you to the next step faster.

Learning Objectives
1. Learn why is it important to be able to efficiently obtain pressure (psi) readings in a drip system.
2. Compare traditional and new methods of obtaining psi within a drip system.
3. Learn how to make your own tool to be able to efficiently check psi in a drip system.

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About the Speaker:

Kris Loomis
Adjunct Instructor, Landscape Irrigation
Santa Rosa Junior College
Mendocino Community College
Senior Programs Specialist, Sonoma Water

Kris Loomis, CID/CLIA, has a passion for irrigation and gadgets like no other. Her understanding of irrigation components and their purpose along with her ability to present complex items in simple terms will make you feel at ease.

Her passion and curiosity of irrigation and figuring out how things work was the driving force for her to obtain Certificates in Irrigation Design (CID), Landscape Irrigation Auditing (CLIA) and Landscape Irrigation Auditing Drip Irrigation Specialty (CLIA-D) through the Irrigation Association. She is also Qualified Water Efficient Landscape (QWEL) certified and instructor.

She has over 20 years of experience working in the Landscape and Agricultural irrigation business on the supply and design side. On the supply side, she has the advantage of knowing what types of products there are to choose from. On the design side, she knows how to design a system to deliver the right amount of water at the right time.

Her primary job is working at a water wholesaler as a Senior Programs Specialist in Water Use Efficiency. This has its advantages as efficiency and avoiding water waste is also an important element in irrigation systems.

Kris is also an adjunct instructor, teaching Landscape Irrigation for 20 years and QWEL courses as well at Santa Rosa Junior College and Mendocino Community College. Teaching Landscape Irrigation courses is a rewarding task that requires the ability to transform complex terms into digestible information to develop skills in students.

It was passion and stubborn determination that drove her to develop a tool to make the lives of Irrigation Auditors easier. She has taken what used to be a messy, inefficient process to something easy and fun to do.

Webinar Details:

An Innovative & Efficient Way to Collect PSI for Drip Audits

March 31, 11:00am - 12:00pm PDT



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