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American Concrete Institute Announces New Position Statements

Dealing with Standards, Professional Societies, ACI Chapters

Position statements help line up ACI efforts with other building industry organizations to more effectively influence relative programs, policies, rules, and regulations.

The ACI has recently published three new position statements that support policy positions along with state, federal, and international programs, rules, and regulations and are focused on advocacy efforts related to code development and adoption. The new statements include:

Professional Societies - Encourage and place preference on programs and services developed by professional societies and encourage the use of ACI programs and services where related to the advancement of concrete technology.


New Standards - Encourage new standards related to concrete technology be developed through ACI, or otherwise involve ACI in the development process.

ACI Chapters - Encourage the dissemination of concrete technology and acceptance and adoption of ACI codes and related materials through ACI chapters.

These position statements are used to align ACI efforts with other industry organizations to more effectively influence programs, policies, rules, and regulations related to concrete and concrete technology.

Future statements may focus on other programs, services, and activities according to the ACI.

Learn more and view all position statements at

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