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A Conversation with Synthetic Surfaces Inc. - Q&A

Featuring Norris Legue, President, Founder and Owner

Why is adhesive selection critical for a successful synthetic turf landscape installation?
A synthetic turf installation using the best turf, pad and base is of little value if the adhesive holding them down fails. The adhesive is usually the lowest cost component of an installation, yet it is extremely important to its success and longevity.

How long have you been developing adhesives for synthetic turf landscaping, athletic fields, playgrounds, etc.?
Synthetic Surfaces Inc. has been developing adhesives for over 46 years.


Why use NORDOT® Adhesives?
NORDOT® is the most trusted and respected adhesive name in the landscape, sports turf, recreational and aquatic surfaces industries. It is the adhesive of choice for knowledgeable veteran and professional installers for synthetic turf, recreational, aquatic, and military surface projects. NORDOT® Adhesives are formulated with high-priced, high-quality raw materials and are thoroughly tested.

NORDOT® Adhesives can be used in any temperature the installer can work, from intense desert heat to subA?freezing. They do not crystallize, foam, or stop curing in dry or damp conditions. The adhesives can withstand sudden, unexpected rain during installation and have superior fresh- and salt-water resistance after cure. They can also be shipped and stored in cold temperatures.

What are some properties that set NORDOT® Adhesives apart from all the others?
1) The adhesives are one-part, solvent-based, which are easy to apply and are not hazmat after the solvent evaporates. They are far superior to other liquid solvent-free and hot melt adhesives.

2) They have high "green strength." This is a unique and extremely important property {grab/tack as opposed to oily/slippery) that gives the adhesive the ability to hold two surfaces together when first contacted and before (still 'green') the adhesive develops its ultimate bonding properties when fully cured. It is vital for successful outdoor installations because it helps overcome the tendency of surfaces like synthetic turf to separate, curl, bubble, lift, creep, slip and wrinkle during installation.

3) The adhesive can be applied by glue box, trowel, squeegee, roller, or sprayed.

4) They have proven long-term durability. Many installations that use cheap, inferior quality adhesives are plagued by a variety of adhesive failures later on after ageing and weathering.


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