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A Conversation With Presto Geosystems

Featuring Bryan Wedin, P.E., Chief Design Engineer, Presto Geosystems

What is the GEOWEBA(R) Retaining Wall System?
The GEOWEB Retaining Wall System is an economical, green alternative to MSE wall systems. The GEOWEB Walls can be designed in a variety of configurations to meet specific site and reinforcement requirements. Individual wall panels consist of an interconnected network of corrosion-resistant, HDPE-based geocells that are installed in a step-like configuration to create horizontal terraces. The exposed outer fascia cells create a natural environment for select vegetation and plantings. Indigenous vegetation or specified plantings may be incorporated for aesthetic appeal and sustainability as desired.

What are the advantages of using the GEOWEB vegetated wall system to build retaining walls compared to other mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) wall systems?

The GEOWEB green walls have several advantages over other MSE systems. Because the fascia is open and permeable, excessive build-up of hydrostatic pressure is essentially a non-issue with this type of system. The flexible structure also conforms naturally to the landscape, performs well with differential settlement, and retains its strength even after settling. Research has also shown that geocell-based retaining walls perform better than rigid materials when subjected to seismic loads, and suffer far less deformation. From an installation perspective, the individual sections can be installed quickly and easily without heavy equipment and are typically 25-30% faster to install than other MSE options. The sections can easily be trimmed to fit around existing infrastructure, trees, culverts, or other obstructions. In terms of long-term durability, HDPE is extremely weather-resistant and will not crack, spall, rot, or corrode - which is a major advantage over other systems that incorporate conventional materials such as concrete, steel, or timber.

What are the typical applications for the GEOWEB Vegetated Retaining Walls?
Some typical applications for GEOWEB Retaining Walls include bioengineered walls, steepened embankments, dike and levee protection, culvert headwalls, vegetated channel structures, change-in-grade landscape walls, resource protection barriers, and sound berms.

What are the different wall types that can be designed?
aEUR? Steepened Slopes
aEUR? Reinforced Walls
aEUR? Gravity Walls
aEUR? Multi-Layered Channel Systems

How do I design and specify the GEOWEB Retaining Wall System?
Presto offers a free GEOWEB MSE design program, and you can create vegetated and non-vegetated MSE designs for reinforced slopes, and for gravity and geogrid-reinforced walls. The software is based on industry-standard design methods and contains specific algorithms that capture the unique interaction between the GEOWEB System, infill, foundation and backfill soils, geogrid reinforcement, and desired factors of safety. Presto also offers a SPECMakerA(R) Tool where you can create a customized 3-part CSI-format specification for your project within minutes. For assistance with designs and specifications, please contact us at or 800-548-3424.


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