07-29-22 | News

$600 Million Los Angeles Bridge Closes After 2 Weeks

LA Police Department Says Crime Caused Closure
by Staff

The 6th Street Bridge in Los Angeles had been closed multiple times leading up to this indefinite close by the LAPD.

The city of Los Angeles spent almost seven years of construction and invested nearly $600 million into a new bridge that extends over the Los Angeles River into the downtown area. But after opening on July 10, the city's police department closed the bridge down just two weeks later. Announced through twitter, the LAPD stated, "The 6th Street Bridge will be closed until further notice due to illegal activity and public safety." This message was sent out in response to the 57 citations the police handed out over the four days leading up to the close. To deter use of the bridge, law enforcement is place speed bumps and a center median with statements of the potential use of fencing. According to LAPD police chief Michael Moore, the speed bumps were installed to deter street takeovers while the center median and the fencing would discourage people from scaling the archways.



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