Introducing SEK-Surebond's new contractor grade multi-use and specialty cleaners for hardscape and concrete surfaces: SureClean Multi Use Cleaner, SureStrip Sealer Stripper, S.R.B. Stain & Rust Buster, Efflo Off Efflorescence Cleaner, and Oil Extractor Oil Stain Cleaner. Follow our proactive maintenance system schedule to keep your hardscape investment looking beautiful through the years. SureClean Deep Penetrating Multi-Use Cleaner is a powerful. super concentrated, non-acid cleaner that dislodges deep set dirt and grime, tire scuffing, and environmental soiling.

SEK Surebond

SureClean Deep Penetrating Multi-Use Cleaner

3925 Stern Ave.
Saint Charles, IL  60174
Fax: 630-762-0607

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