Cliffhanger Park Benches are urban cantilever benches that can be mounted on walls. The finely detailed bench system has a modular interval of 120 cm - 47". The prefab slat segments consist of FSC hardwood slats with a spacing of 8 mm - 0.3". The slats are mounted on the patented Streetlock® combs and are linked with staggered joints. The slat segments are assembled with staggered joints to reinforce the continuous character of these inviting benches. These low benches are spacious and can be fitted with high slatted backrests on request.

The design of Cliffhanger Park Benches lends itself to Multilevel configurations that combine high, medium and low backrests. The closed sheet steel wall bracket, which comes into view as the level changes, affords the furniture a clean appearance and prevents dirt accumulation.

The Cliffhanger Benches are available as free standing benches. Cliffhanger Freestanding Benches can be mounted both at and below ground level.

Products supplied within the North American market are fully manufactured in the USA.


Cliffhanger Park Benches | Seating - Metal / Wood

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