Farm Tub offers a Do It Yourself (DIY) Farm Tub Self-Watering Conversion Kit to convert any stock tank or water holding planter into a Farm Tub growing system. The kit, which helps you create a self-watering planter, includes a reservoir insert, spacers, capillary wicks, a fill tube and Farm Tub Float water-level indicator and spigot for drainage. All you need is a planter or tank that hold water. If the planter or tank has holes they must be patched before set up. We offer kits in 2'x 3′, 2′ x 4′, 2'x 5′, 2'x 6′ and 3'x8′ rectangular sizes, and 3 ft rounds. Customers use a jigsaw to cut the insert platform to fit your tank or planter.

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