Diamond Grid is an innovative global market leader in surface stabilization and erosion control systems being manufactured in 7 countries now. Its a cost effective, green paving solution for many applications that provide long-term benefits. It is up to 96% permeable making it perfect for heavy rains, flooding areas, and run off. The installation process is fast and easy and provides prevention against erosion, potholes, and free standing water. The interlocking system joins all the grids together and the pegs underneath the grid adheres the grid to the layer underneath. The grid itself is 22"x35" which can be adjusted by cutting it down to size, this feature makes it perfect for any round edging, curves, circular designs, or any cuts that need to be made for protruding valves. Eco friendly and aesthetically attractive with your choice of fill for numerous possibilities. Considerably reduces the cost of projects by reducing the amount of time for installation and ongoing maintenance. It has a longevity of about 30+ years. The innovative design helps it to be extremely strong and is able to withstand high traffic and heavy loads. visit: or call 833-422-2002 for more information.

Diamond Grid

Diamond Grid

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