The HSL20-LM, Omega, borrows the best features from over five generations of our classic workhorse SL16 series fixture. The all-new Omega features our latest LM16 designer module. The innovative LM16 module offers six interchangeable optics from 20 to 75 degrees and four power levels 4, 6, 8, or 12 watts delivering over 640 lumens. The Brass module couples firmly to the brass body, providing superior heat dissipation for longer life and high performance. The Storm Drain system has been combined with a Flushing edge to expel debris. The new Sleek and compact design is 30% lighter and 25% less expensive than our HSL16 Telluride; the Omega is an exceptional value; Offered in 2 versions: (LM & XO) to meet the specific demands of our top tier customers.

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HSL20-LM Omega | Flood Lights

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