Model: MS4V-Solar-MB

This wireless field controller/repeater work with Intelligent Irrigation Control System GG-002C/GG-002D main controller.

Good features:

1.Will execute timer schedules which is received from main controller once, then send field information back to main controller wirelessly.
2.Controls up to 1 moisture sensor or air humidity sensor, 4 latching valves up to 3", 4 pressure meters with valve for reporting valve open/close status wirelessly.
3.With AC Relay Box, can controls 24V AC valves.
4.Built-in bidirectional wireless 915/868 MHz/Relay, up to 4000m /2.48 miles at line of sight, through mesh network, to communicate with main controller.
5.User can update firmware wirelessly by handy remote.
6.Timer with MAX moisture control, stop when MAX wet is reached to save water.
7.Can open all 4 valves together or one by one. 8.Solar panel with NI-MH AA.1.2Vx10*2300mAh Rechargeable battery, or AC powered. Good for big landscape or Ag.

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