The Bowie Bridge was inspired by the David Bowie song ‘Wild is the Wind'. The continuous fencing system of criss-crossed balusters, uninterrupted by posts, creates a fascinating image. The round stainless steel bars have alternating diameters (max. 30 mm), which results in a robust and rigid fence.

This fencing was specifically designed to prevent the possibility of users getting stuck between the balusters. If desired, the baluster pattern can be made denser in order to meet the most stringent safety standards. The Bowie Bridge is available in a slightly arched or flat version. The bridge's maximum, uniformly distributed load-bearing capacity is 5 kN/m² (EU) - 90lbs/ft² (US) - 85 lbs/ft² (CA).

Bowie Bridges are available in a CorTen or powder coated steel version in which the round balusters are replaced by CorTen steel strips. A robust rounded handrail of FSC hardwood sets off the fencing and is pleasant to the touch. A linear LED lighting line can be included in the fencing system. It is fully integrated in the handrail.

Products supplied within the North American market are fully manufactured in the USA.


Bowie Bridges

Herengracht 36
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