Ideal Shield's Pawn Decorative Bollard Covers fit over 10" pipe with steel inserts also available to fit smaller pipe sizes. These commanding arrangements stand at an overall height of 49" and are made of 1/4″ nominal wall thickness polyethylene thermoplastic (LDPE).

A sophisticated design, our Pawn Decorative Bollard Cover consists of a wide base with a clean finish and a flat-topped casting. Our product also includes patented installation tape for a lasting fit. This structure can come in any color and can be cut to custom heights at no additional charge, fully complementing your building's exterior or corporate branding needs.

Ideal Shield Decorative Bumper Post Sleeves enhance the aesthetics of security posts and steel bollards. Our Decorative Covers are easily installed and are a cost-effective alternative to expensive cast iron, stainless steel or concrete bollards.

Ideal Shield

10″ PAWN DECORATIVE BOLLARD | Bollards - Permanent

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