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Add Hydroseeding as a Profit Center

Presented by James Lincoln, President and CEO of the TurfMaker Corporation


James Lincoln began business as a hydro-mulching contractor in 1972. The business evolved into a large hydromulch products distributor and then into a hydromulching machine manufacturing company. Lincoln designed and developed the first 5th wheel 1,100 gallon hydromulcher, the first 200 gallon high performance and self-filling hydromulcher, and the clear water hose flushing system.

Lincoln is a staunch supporter of turfgrass research at Texas A&M University. He has served on the Board of Directors of the International Erosion Control Association and the Associated Landscape Contractors of America. He was honored in 1990 as Associate Member of the Year by the Texas Landscape Contractors Association, and in 2002, received the Life Time Achievement Award from the Hydro-Turf Planters Association. He is President and CEO of the TurfMaker Corporation.

Course Title: Add Hydroseeding as a Profit Center

Course Description: The hydro-mulching/hydro-seeding industry provides grass-planting services for large-scale turf projects, medium sized grass planting jobs, and even small home lawns. In the last 10 years, better mulch products have made it easier to provide reliable grass growing results. With high performance machines costing less than $10,000, profit opportunities are now available to smaller landscape contractors. Laying sod will always be an important part of planting grass and providing instant turf. However, planting grass with hydro-mulching provides the customer with better turf and the opportunity to choose from the latest improved turfgrass varieties. High value hydro-mulching also benefits the contractor because it is far less labor intensive, easier, faster, and more profitable than laying sod.

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