The 3000 Series™ is a high volume trench drain system designed for highway traffic and airport applications. The chemically resistant fiberglass channels allow up to 3,000 GPM of water with proper installation and slope; drainage channels are available with a 1% slope. For special situations, .5%, .75% and 1.25% slopes can be ordered to suit a range of site conditions.

The 3000 Series™ channels come in 8 feet lengths with integral zinc plated or stainless steel frames to add durability. Lightweight channels allow for quick installation. The 3000 Series™ drain can maintain a continuous slope up to 240 feet. End and bottom outlet adapters connect the drain system to standard 8" PVC piping. Shop online or call today for a quote at (610) 638-1221.

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3000 Series High Capacity Charts

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3000 Series Channel

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