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Queueing Entrance Signs

Wylie Systems offers a number of stylish and functional crowd control organizers and is a significant supplier to banks, theatres, transportation stations, and public areas throughout North America. Wylie's queuing systems include both rail and rope posts. Below are the different types of queuing products Wylie Systems currently offers. In order to answer changing customer demand different style posts are available from standard stationary and retractable posts to retro and renaissance designer styles. Our standard aluminium 70 component deco-rail system ensures a long lasting and quality queuing system.

Queueing Entrance Signs




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Wylie Metals

Address: 1190 Fewster Drive
City/State/Zip: Mississauga, Ont / CN / L4W 1A1
Phone: 905-238-1619
FAX: 905-238-5623
Website: wyliemetals.com
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Family-owned Wylie Systems has been an industry standard in the design and construction of current railing systems within North America. With over 40 years of experience Wylie Systems has pioneered creative designs and continues to address industry trends in their designs and products.