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HF Installation - color

PERMEABLE BASE INSTALLATION ASTM C33 fine aggregate joint material. Hydro-Flo Technology Pavers. 1"-2" No 8 aggregate bedding course. 4"-6" No 57 stone open-graded base. 2"-3" No 2 drain stone Sub-Base (varies with design Native Soil Subgrade.)

HF Installation - color




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Pacific Interlock Pavingstone

Address: 1895 San Felipe Rd.
City/State/Zip: Hollister / CA / 95023
Phone: 831-637-9163
FAX: 831-637-0756
Website: pacinterlock.com
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Pacific Interlocks commitment to preserving our natural resources has lead to a major breakthrough in paving stone production Hydro-Flo (tm) Technology. It is the ONLY TRULY PERMEABLE (no gaps) concrete paver. With 100 surface permeability our patented pavers still meet all ASTM requirements for concrete pavers and expand our existing line of standard permeable pavers.