The Hands Free Log SplitterNow youll split the heaviest logs like butter while youre protected in the security or your skid-steer. No danger of crushing fingers and hands. Only this miracle of hands-free operation delivers seat-of-safety log splitting with amazing power speed and precision.No more back aches from splitting logs.Quick-Attach mounts like never before.Ultra-simple skid-steer mounting with rapid-mount plates and grab-and-go lever coupling. Thats it! Fits practically every skid-steer make and model and now it fits excavators as well!Tough cold-forged alloy-steel splitter head is case-hardened for continuous duty cycles.Ultra-precision splitter head (piercing tool) is machined from solid alloy-steel stock under critical computer control. Its geometrically toleranced for an unusually accurate taper. Just right for slicing through wet or dry logs fresh-cut or seasoned oak elm and birch without the slightest metal fatigue. Not only dos the versatile piercing tool rotate but so does the entire splitter head assembly. Permits you can approach your work from any angle.Far more than just an extraordinary log splitter!Not an ordinary and hazardous hand-loaded ram-type splitter. This safe hands-free marvel does far more than split logs. Bring on your toughest ax-handle-tough close-grained stumps! Use your skid-steers powerful downward weight and thrust to split splinter and make kindling of any stump in the woods.When placing your order for your Hands Free Log Splitter be sure you list the correct specifications for your skid steer. Splitters can be modified for large or small equipment.

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