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Wellness Golf Facility at the Chablé Resort, San Diego, CA

Pizá Golf
by Staff

The highly acclaimed, five-star Chablé Resort encourages its guests to relax in the surrounding of the luxurious lush Mayan forest, the natural landscape for total wellness. It is here where the Pizá Golf team designed the magic of the multi-purpose "Wellness Golf" course and concept.
Pizá Golf, innovators, and industry leaders of multi-purpose golf designs, transformed a five-acre footprint into a grass sculpture for "Wellness Golf" that features nine tee boxes that span up to 200-yards, all which can be played in a variety or multiple ways. Four distinctive greens with two or three pin options flanked by hazards makes the golf course visually stunning but golfers can choose a playing preference, novice or challenging. Golfers can play any format and will be finished in under 90-minutes.

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"One golf course. Many ways to play. Avid golfers appreciate the distinct shot values and angles. Non-golfers or beginning players feel welcome, not intimidated, as there are options available for them. Very much like skiing. You can enjoy the triple black diamond slope or go with green or blue runs," added Pizá.

Another unique aspect of "Wellness Golf" is the actual composition of what Piza refers to as "the fifth façade" of this grass sculpture. "With everybody flying drones these days, the view from above plays a key role in our design and overall composition," added Pizá.

"Wellness Golf" encourages well-being, whatever that may be. Some guests go to the golf course for the serenity of the design, the landscape, they mediate. Families and corporations book the golf course repeatedly as it is inclusive, everyone participates, its social. To deepen the golf experience, the resort encourages their guests to play barefoot, and experience earthing. "Wellness Golf" offers something special for everyone.

The upcoming Resort and Hotel Development Issue of Landscape Architect and Specifier News saw many firms submit their projects for feature consideration. This project was not chosen for a Feature in the issue, but we at thought the project deserved to be showcased online . . .


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