US Department of Interior Invests $2.8 Billion to Enhance Public Lands05-17-23 | News

US Department of Interior Invests $2.8 Billion to Enhance Public Lands

Funding Authorized by the Great American Outdoors Act
by Staff

The US Department of Interior has announced a $2.8 billion investment to enhance public lands, emphasizing the importance of conservation and outdoor recreation for communities nationwide.

In a move to improve public lands, the US Department of Interior (DOI) and the Department of Agriculture have unveiled a joint investment of $2.8 billion as authorized by the Great American Outdoors Act. The funding aims to bolster conservation efforts, enhance outdoor recreational opportunities, and promote the sustainable management of natural resources.

The investment will be allocated towards various projects across the country including trail and campground improvements, habitat restoration, wildfire prevention, and the development of visitor facilities. These initiatives seek to enhance the overall visitor experience while preserving the ecological integrity of public lands.


Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack explained, "We feel responsibility for this maintenance strongly, and we take great pride in being the stewards of our nation's forests and grasslands. Funding made possible through the Great American Outdoors Act's Legacy Restoration Fund allows us to enhance equitable access for recreators, create job opportunities, advance community well-being and improve rural and urban economies."

The funding will support collaborations between federal, state, tribal, and local partners, fostering community engagement and shared stewardship of public lands. By leveraging resources and expertise from various stakeholders, the DOI aims to maximize the positive impact of the investment and promote sustainable land management practices.

The $2.8 billion investment aligns with the Biden administration's broader commitment to conserving and protecting natural landscapes. It emphasizes the role of public lands in promoting outdoor recreation, supporting local economies, and safeguarding biodiversity. The investments will also facilitate the restoration of ecosystems, the preservation of wildlife habitats, and the mitigation of climate change impacts.