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Upcoming Webinar: Soil is the Stage for Your Client's Most Beautiful Landscape

By Kathy Kellogg Johnson

The webinar is scheduled for September 10, at 4:00 p.m - 5.00 p.m. (Pacific Time).

About the Webinar:
The Landcsape Expo Academy has upcoming webinar scheduled for September 10. Kathy Kellogg Johnson, chairman of the board and corporate secretary for Kellogg Garden Products, will be delivery the session which talks about making soil the centerpiece on the stage of your client's landscape, why soil health is good for landscapers, your clients and the planet, healthy soil with compost is the key and how to amend with compost, farming & landscape have the biggest positive impact on climate change, and you hold the key to creating beautiful landscapes and gardens.

Learning Objectives:
The critical role of soil conditioning in landscaping
How to achieve the perfect soil condition
Indications of healthy soil to the broader environment


About the Speaker:
Kathy Kellogg Johnson is chairman of the board and corporate secretary for Kellogg Garden Products - an all-organic garden products company founded in 1925. Kellogg sells its organic soils across the U.S. customers include The Home Depot, Lowe's and hundreds of independent local retail stores. Kathy has developed and managed the business towards a goal of sustainability and regenerative practices.

The company's over 90-year dedication to sustainability and natural products was passed down to Kathy, a third generation of the Kellogg family. She believes in the power of natural and organic methods of gardening to enact environmental change, and her advocacy efforts focus around changing conventional agriculture to feed the soil first. Recognizing soil as the fundamental building block of agriculture and sustainable food production is essential in the fight for a healthy planet and healthy world population.

Kathy Kellogg Johnson has been referred to as the "First Lady of Compost" by the President of the U.S. Composting Council. For three decades, Kathy has been a leader in the compost industry. Spotting a disconnect among business, cities, and county governments who were all striving toward the same goal of standardizing and implementing unified composting definitions and practices, she brought them together to meet regularly. This forged a pathway for the industry by forming the Association of Compost Producers (ACP), the California State Chapter of the USCC.

Kathy's efforts to elevate the role of soil, organic gardening, and educational efforts extend into the community. She offers her assistance and expertise to a variety of non-profit organizations, including the Environmental Media Association (EMA). As a member of EMA's Corporate Board of Advisors, she teaches school children and adults about the natural and organic methods of gardening. Kellogg has supported the creation of hundreds of school gardens across Los Angeles.

Kathy is an active participant with Plant with Purpose educating impoverished subsistence farmers around the world to feed their families and how protecting healthy soil can radically improve the quality of life in their communities. She is a founding member and the Vice President of the Board of Directors for the Association of Compost Producers (ACP). She also serves on the board at the South Coast Botanical Gardens.

Webinar Details:
Soil is the Stage for Your Client's Most Beautiful Landscape (Live Webinar)
September 10 4.00 p.m - 5.00.p.m. PDT

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