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Thursday Webinar with Brandon Guthrie

Three Secrets to Scale an 8-Figure Contracting Business Using Social Media
by Staff

Sign up today for Brandon Guthrie's January 26th webinar at 11am PST. Even if you are not about to attend it live, we will send a recording link to you within 24 hours of the end of the webinar.

January 26th at 11am PST
Webinar Description:
In this training I'm going to breakdown 3 Secrets of How I Went from Paycheck-To-Paycheck to becoming an 8-Figure Earner by master- ing High-Quality Lead Gen, and I'm gonna provide a technical training on my principles and back it up with PROOF! This training is different from anything you've ever seen because I will be showing you strategies from my companies. I'm not like the "Gurus" that teach strategies based on products they're selling you. I run a real business and my results are based off of that! Have an open mind, be willing to put in the work and we'll change the world together!


Brandon Guthrie
Brandon Guthrie is the founder and owner of Dream Design Labs, a California-based digital marketing agency that helps premium, impact-driven residential contractors scale from 7-figures to 8-figures, empowering them with the influence they need to make a positive impact on their community and the world at large. Brandon had early success as a digital marketer and used his fast profits to buy expensive cars and fancy bachelor pads. When he made it all about him and serving himself, he ended up losing everything and was forced to move back into his parents spare bedroom. Aware of what was possible and armed with this valuable lesson in humility, Brandon shifted his focus away from personal gain to an obsessive drive to serve others, master the craft of digital marketing, and deliver undeniable value to his clients. Today, Dream Design Labs has received multiple Two-Comma Club awards and Two-Comma X Club awards from ClickFunnels - an award given to users who drive $1 & $10M million in revenue from a single marketing funnel. Additionally, Brandon is the founder of #empathymarketingmovement and host of The Christian Contractors Podcast.

Learning Objectives:
1. The Quickest Way To Scale an 8-Figure Contractor Business is Through Social Media Advertising.
2. Being Tech Savvy & Having Tons of Followers is a Trap.
3. Social Media Advertising is Recession Proof & Economy Proof


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