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"The Basics of Soil Testing" by Nick Christians Review

Learn How to Understand the Scientific Results of a Soil Test
by Staff

Register for The Landscape Expo Academy's latest OnDemand webinar with Iowa State University's Nick Christians, Ph.D.

On May 25th, Iowa State University, Department of Horticulture professor, Nick Christians, Ph. D. presented a webinar about the basics of soil testing.

Christians explained what each portion of a soil test result meant and how to combat problems that may arise from each category being lower or higher. A consistent tone throughout the course was that you as a landscape professional know your area best and only you can interpret what is best.

For example, the Iowa State University professional explained how to read pH measurements and how to combat low and high levels. He gave examples of each category.

Learning Objectives:
1. To learn the basics of soil testing.
2. To be able to interpret soil tests for the landscape.
3. To understand the soil test form.

Webinar Description:
This seminar goes into the basics of soil testing for the landscape practitioner and explains how to use the information provided by a soil test.

You can purchase the OnDemand course here.


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