"The Art of Palm Trees" by M.L. Robinson Review05-18-23 | Education

"The Art of Palm Trees" by M.L. Robinson Review

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by Staff

Register for The Landscape Expo Academy's latest OnDemand webinar with University of Nevada Reno Cooperative Extension's M.L. Robinson.

On May 18th, University of Nevada, Reno Cooperative Extension Associate Professor, M.L. Robinson presented a webinar about choosing the correct palms suitable for the Southwestern United States landscape.

Robinson explained how to recognize the best palms for urban climates, why they are the perfect tree for desert landscapes, and how if selected and planted properly, they can also be water efficient.

A consistent tone throughout the CEU applicable webinar was to select the right plant in the right place. Palms grow best depending on various conditions including pruning, fertilize, maintenance, etc.


He gave examples of properly specified palms across the southwest and design ideas as well as the growth of palms, best locations for success, and thinking ahead in your design.

Learning Objectives:
1. Learning how to recognize the best palms to use in all urban landscape for your climate.
2. Why Palm should be used in the desert Southwest landscapes.
3. If the correct palms are chosen, planted correctly and mulch with organic mulch they also can be water efficient.

Webinar Description:
This seminar centers around choosing the right palms for the desert Southwest landscapes. Recognizing that there is a large selection of palms besides the few species that are overused in the landscapes. It also addresses how unique palms can be in the landscape by comparing incorrect and correct usage of palms.

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